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The Reach Campaign is an initiative to end river blindness. Over 200 million people worldwide require treatment for this disease, one of the leading causes of preventable blindness. Like many neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), river blindness disproportionately affects the world’s most vulnerable people, trapping their families in cycles of poverty. Proceeds from the campaign will go to the Reaching the Last Mile Fund (RLMF). Administered by the END Fund, RLMF delivers prevention and treatment across 7 countries in Africa and the Middle East. Together we can help end river blindness and ensure a brighter future for millions.

Learn About River Blindness

About River Blindness

River blindness is a preventable parasitic disease transmitted by black flies. It causes severe itching, disfiguring skin conditions and, if left untreated, irreversible blindness

About the RLM Fund

The Reaching the Last Mile Fund delivers prevention and treatment for river blindness across 7 countries in Africa and the Middle East

Preventing River Blindness

The burden of river blindness extends beyond infected individuals and affects entire families and communities. But with the right treatment, it can be prevented

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