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The Reach Giving Circle consists of a collection of philanthropists who are dedicated to ending NTDs and empowering people to live healthy and dignified lives. Their generosity advances the work of the Reaching the Last Mile Fund, which aims to end river blindness and lymphatic filariasis in seven countries across Africa and the Middle East. A $100,000 contribution can either protect 200,000 people from contracting these diseases for a full year or 3,000 people over their entire life from the aforementioned NTDs.

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Join the fight against river blindness blindness and lymphatic filariasis by starting a crowd fundraising campaign. Set a personal challenge and use YallaGive to raise money from supporters as you reach your goal and help create a brighter future for millions.

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There are so many ways to show your support and join us in the fight against river blindness and lymphatic filariasis. Spread the word about NTDs by using the hashtags #ReachTheEnd and keep up to date by following our Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter pages.

World NTD Day

The Reach Campaign partners with the annual World NTD Day on January 30, which galvanizes the global community behind the common goal of ending NTDs. In 2021, global civil society advocates, community leaders, global health experts, and policymakers united to mark the second annual World NTD Day and in May, the World Health Organization officially recognized the day. 

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