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20 June 2023
ADNIC announces strategic partnership with Reach campaign

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC), one of the leading regional multi-line insurance providers for corporates and individuals, has pledged AED1.5m to the UAE-based Reach campaign in support of its efforts to combat neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

05 April 2023
New season of Qalby Etma’an turns the camera on neglected tropical diseases

Catch the latest episode of popular TV show Qalby Etma’an, which turns the spotlight on the burden of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and the stories of the families affected by them.

Join host Ghaith Al Emirati as he journeys to a village in Senegal to see first-hand the suffering caused by NTDs in developing communities – and learns how a UAE-led fund is working to consign two of these diseases to the history books.

The episode captures the stories of local residents afflicted with lymphatic filariasis, a mosquito-borne NTD that causes irreversible swelling of parts of the body, leading to permanent disability and disfigurement.

From a young baker unable to continue working due to the effects of lymphatic filariasis, to a father reliant on his children for food and necessities, the episode documents the daily struggles faced by sufferers and their families – and shares how the UAE’s Reaching the Last Mile Fund is helping drive the fight to end these diseases for good.

16 February 2023
Reaching the Last Mile charity run brings together communities to raise funds for neglected tropical diseases

Registration is open for the second annual Reaching the Last Mile charity run, an event hosted by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council in support of the UAE-based Reach Campaign to raise awareness and funds to combat neglected tropical diseases.



23 March 2022
The Reach Campaign, Daman and STEPPI achieve their target to transform 250 thousand lives in just 19 days

The Reach Campaign, in collaboration with Daman and STEPPI, has revealed that its ‘25 Days to Transform 250 Thousand Lives’ initiative has exceeded its target of 250 million collective steps taken by users of the STEPPI fitness app, in just 19 days of the 25-day challenge.

16 February 2022
Abu Dhabi Sports Council and The Reach Campaign organise ‘Reaching the Last Mile’ charity run in collaboration with Daman to raise funds to end neglected tropical diseases

Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) has partnered with The Reach Campaign and National Health Insurance Company – Daman to organize the ‘Reaching the Last Mile’ Race. The run will be held on the 19th of February at 7:30 am at Yas Bay Waterfront, Abu Dhabi.

30 January 2022
STEPPI to launch ‘25 days to Transform 250 Thousand Lives’ challenge on 1 February in collaboration with The Reach Campaign and Daman

The Reach Campaign, in collaboration with Daman and STEPPI, has unveiled the details of a new initiative set to launch on the 1st of February 2022. Running through the platform of the popular fitness app, STEPPI, the initiative aims to raise funds whilst encouraging physical activity with the help of its hundreds of thousands of users in the country.

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